The Bepper Balance Method is a method which, even if you are an experienced professional, will take some time to get the best results. This is mainly because the new way of asking questions and especially finding the right combination of questions, takes some getting used to. Through explanation and practice together it becomes clearer. In the beginning it really takes some searching. But after some flying hours, the approach soon becomes intuitive and it is wonderful and refreshing to work with. During the training you will also be offered many variations on how you can apply the method and the extent to which you can and cannot be flexible here in order to increase or not to lose effectiveness.

Therefore, to learn how to work with the Bepper Balance Method, a 2-day training has been developed for professionals with a coaching/supervisory position who have at least HBO education. 

This training is recognized by the NOBCO : 12 PE hours.
This training is recognized by the LVSC : 3.5 PE points. 
Registration through the LVSC means a 10% discount on the training price.
This training is recognized by the ST!R: 14 PE points. 
Bepper’s training “Working with the Bepper Balance Method” has been accredited by the SKJ and 19.5 registry points have been awarded.

Therefore, after this training a participant will receive a Certificate of Participation and may use this method in his/her own practice. This certificate does not give the right to give trainings for working with this method, that is reserved for specialized trainers of Bepper. 

Certificate holders can be recognized by the “Bepper Certified” logo on their website/portfolio. If they would like to create their own profile on the page of this website where interested parties are looking for a coach to get acquainted with the Bepper Balance Method, they can create a profile for free. You will find them here.

The price of this 2-day training in Leiden, where there is (usually) 2 weeks between day 1 and day 2, is € 575,- excluding Bepper Board and excluding VAT per person, but including:

  • 2 days training in group of 3 to 8 participants (max. 6 in corona period)
  • trainingsmap
  • healthy lunch in and from our own kitchen on both days
  • Support via phone/skype/FaceTime/Zoom and come back peer review days
  • Ability to use the online Bepper Board (for a fee) for online sessions.

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If you decide to work with this method after the training, you will need a Bepper-Board and/or a Bepper Team-Kit. These are not included in the price of a training but can be ordered separately. When you register for the training, you can order the Bepper Board and/or a Team-Kit, then you know, if you register in time, that these are also available for you to take with you at the end of the 1st or 2nd training day. 

If you have a group of at least four people who would like to attend the training, you can read about a customized and/or on-site request here.