The Bepper Balance Method is a new method that can be used with clients by professionals in a coaching capacity. 

Meanwhile there is a book with an extensive description of the method and how it works. In the first phase of the development Bepper was already talking to a lot of people who were involved in the development from their own profession. To get acquainted someone often got a ‘demonstration-session’ with the Bepper board. When I once visited a publisher and he quickly noticed the effect of a session with the Bepper Board, he asked how he could know whether the effect was caused by the coach present or by the application of this specific method.

That was a good question. And so research was done. Because we are a small organization, we did that in-house without too much cost. Within our capabilities, we handled that in the most professional way possible.

Six professionals participated. After a two-day training and explanation of all aspects of the study, they got to work. Of all their clients who were willing to participate in the study, half had a (coaching and/or counseling and/or mediation) session with and half without the Bepper Balance Method. Both before and after, each client received a questionnaire. The professionals also completed questionnaires at each session. In this way a large database was built that gave us insight into the effects and the significant differences between sessions with and without the Bepper Balance Method.

Of course, not all possible aspects have been investigated. But we can safely say that the results were very positive and in some cases showed a significant improvement compared to working without the Bepper Balance Method. There are nice effects for both the client and the professional. It has strengthened us in the approach and further development of the method and the tools that go with it.

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