A one-time-only Bepper Session for 1 person


One time session for one person of 5 quarters of an hour where you explore your own question or problem with a certified and experienced coach and with the Bepper Balance Method.


Largely not everyone needs a long process with a coach, a psychologist, a therapist….but still….

Sometimes you get stuck in your own thoughts, with your own (choice) process or you are not aware of your blind spot or blockage that stands in the way of you moving forward in your plans. Or you want to feel better with yourself, with each other or with your situation.

A one-time session for you or yours can then be a solution. At Bepper you don’t have to do an intake. You just come by for a one time Coaching session with the Bepper Balance Method.

You can register here.

You can sign up here for such a session if it is just for you. If you want to book a session for 2 or 3 people you can choose to do so in the bepshop.

This one time session takes 5 minutes.

After registration we will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment. This can usually be done within 2 weeks.