The method can be used to achieve various goals. Some of them are listed here. Of course it depends on the situation, the client(s) and the main question where the focus will be when working with the method. 

  • fast to the core, what is the blockage and what is possible to improve
  • Rest and overview in head and body
  • promoting ownership 
  • improvement of cooperation 
  • improving communication
  • alignment of common vision/purpose 
  • Increasing insight 
  • gaining insight into the inner world of people who cannot express this verbally well 
  • allowing the unconscious and the conscious to work together
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement 
  • making choices / decision making
  • overseeing the consequences 
  • optimising the division of tasks, deployment of time, money, resources and talents
  • balancing input (energy, time, resources, effort, attention, etc.) and output (motivation, satisfaction, yield, relaxation, peace, independence, cohesion, results, cooperation, energy, etc.).


Depending on the chosen objective and the type of client(s), the following effects can be realised;

  • it is possible to work more quickly with and on those things that have an effect, the search for what and where is shortened
  • someone feels his own possibilities to improve the situation, so more (self) confidence
  • someone gets an overview and thus peace in mind and body
  • cooperation runs smoother, there is more understanding and coordination 
  • alignment of common vision/purpose
  • insight into where time and energy go 
  • insight possibilities for improvement 
  • choices are made and/or their consequences can be foreseen 
  • optimising the division of tasks, deployment of time, money, resources and talents and more
  • concrete plans for action
  • change of vision, perception, behaviour and approach