For whom

The Bepper Balance Method can be used for;

  • individuals
  • couples
  • (blended) families
  • groups
  • teams

The target groups that can be worked with using Bepper Board(s) and/or Bepper Team Kit are diverse. The design of the method allows for work with:

  • anyone who can read and write
  • all ages from 6 years to senior citizens
  • all levels of people in terms of intellect
  • all levels of personal development
  • all languages provided there is 1 common language of professional and client
  • focus on a person/people
  • focus on team, goal, project or organization

By whom

All professionals in coaching and counseling roles who conduct interviews, have sessions, give training, conduct workshops or work with groups can learn to work with the method. 

Here you can think of the following functions, among others:

  • coach
    • life coach
    • child-coach
    • youth coach
    • relationship coach / relationship therapist
    • teamcoach
    • family coach
    • divorce coach
  • (Intern) supervisor
  • Mental health workers
  • career manager / career coach
  • mentor / dean / student counselor
  • mediator
  • trainer
  • therapist
  • projectmanager
  • (team)manager / teamleader / supervisor
  • hr manager

Who are already working with the method? .