The Bepper Board

The Bepper Board is a handcrafted, wooden product. It was developed by Bepper B.V.

This beautiful and solid product has three uses. 

It is used when working with the Bepper Balance Method, but one can also apply the Bepper Bonus Method to it and play the game Brikkers on it.

Bepper’s unique “game board” has a surface that is writable with whiteboard markers. It can be placed on the table but can also be used stably on the lap. The beautiful glass chamois in various appealing colors and the writable surface, offer infinite possibilities and are maximally flexible to serve and advance the user in their own words and at their own level. 

A Bepper Board consists of: 

Bepper Board
Solid wood board with ingredients for applying the Bepper Balance Method
  • 2 Bepper-whiteboard markers (dark brown) with fine tip 
  • 1 polisher made of wool-felt 
  • 3 bags each with 20 beautiful (glass) gems in 3 colors 
  • 1 writable wooden Bepper Board 
  • en een schat aan mogelijkheden

The Bepper Board is not included in the price of any training.

The Team-Kit

The Bepper TEAM-KIT is a large version of the Bepper Board. It is specifically for working with (blended) families and teams. 

The rug for on floor or conference table for applying the Bepper Balance Method.

The large rug (1.50 by 1.50 meters) you put on the floor or a large table. 

The contents of the team kit are tailored to working with the Bepper Balance Method with preferably 3 to 9 people, but 18 is also possible if work can be done in pairs which sometimes proves to be extra useful.

Team kit contents: 

  • 1 large printed rug, 150-150cm 
  • 9 solid wood boards (writable)
  • 9 beautiful cotton bags with drawstring closure 
  • 9 x filler for the bags, medium-sized chamois (glass) in orange, green, beige and brown, 5 chamois per color, 20 total per bag. 
  • 9 felt polishers
  • 9 fine-tip brown whiteboardmarkers from Bepper 

The price of this team kit is not included in the price of training.


To complete the Bepper Board or the Bepper Team-Kit, you can (re)order additional parts.

  • Extra bags of gems in different colors (also white, light blue and dark blue).
  • Extra Bepper whiteboardmarkers
  • Extra Bepper-board or Bepper-team-kit
  • Extra large chamois per bag, with 4 different colors
  • Extra polishers
  • Extra wooden team-kit-writing-boards

You can order these items in our webshop.

NOTE We find working with the Bepper Balance method to be most responsible and effective after attending a 2-day Bepper training. Only professionals who have completed this 2-day training may purchase a Bepper Board, Team Kit or spare items. (Exceptions will be made in a few cases)