Customized session, workshop or training.

Every situation that calls for change benefits from a tailored approach. Every professional is dealing with a different practice. And there are many different target groups, change needs and possibilities. That’s why we work a lot on a custom basis. Feel free to contact us for:

  • complete customized training for a group of professionals “Working with the Bepper Balance Method”
  • short private training for professionals “Working with the Bepper Balance Method”
  • teambuilding/teamcoaching with the Bepper Balance Method (duration, goal and group in consultation)
  • Workshop around a theme such as;
    • Living together for blended families
    • Working together for teams
    • Communicating Better
    • Stress & time-management
    • Work-Life Balance
    • Child & Divorce
  • Loose Bepper Balance Coaching session for individuals, couples (relationship, family, colleagues etc.), families or teams.

You can make a request by sending a e-mail, calling or leaving a message here .