For professionals in coaching and/or counselling roles, it is always a task and a challenge to help the client or clients in their process of change.

Book Bepper Balance Method

This is not always easy and fast. When you have a conversation, it is serial. Someone is thinking, saying, hearing and reading only one thing at a time. This makes it easy to digress or stray from the subject.

The Bepper Balance Method works with a tangible tool and offers a completely new way of becoming aware and discovering. 

By visually mapping all aspects that play a role in a problem on the Bepper Board, you create distance and overview. This in itself creates peace and space. By weighing these aspects on the Bepper Plate, the impact of the aspects becomes tangible for the client. Head, heart and belly work together so that an honest picture of the inner experience will become visible on the Bepper Plate. 

You and your client see, feel and discover how things can be done differently. You quickly get to the heart of a problem. Your client gains self-confidence because the discovery is made by him or herself. And the possible change will stick better because the client has found the way to it himself.

This method also works with couples, families and teams. In addition, working with this method prevents escalation and conflicts. It promotes mutual understanding and joint ownership of a goal or situation. 

The functioning of the Bepper Balance Method is substantiated from a broad perspective. With existing and new models and examples, the factors that play a role in the realisation of change are explained and how this is incorporated into the method.

Furthermore, you can read and see a comprehensive description of the method, supported by numerous examples from practice.

The Bepper Balance Method can be used by professionals who work with children, adolescents or adults.

This book is about the power of working visually and tangibly on improvement through coaching differently, becoming aware differently and making choices differently.

You can order the book from any online or offline bookstore. For example, here.

To get acquainted and experience how it works, you can also book a only Bepper-Balance session.