Origin of the Bepper Balance Method

Animation Bepper Balance Session

The Bepper Balance Method is a method developed by Bepper. The inventor is Liesbeth Bouwhuis. In her practice as a coach, she discovered that she could help the client more quickly by asking questions about a problem in a certain way. And to make this problem clear on a board. In this way, the client discovers for himself where the possibilities lie for changing something. What a problem is made up of, of various aspects that play a role or are part of the problem. And that, if you look at these aspects separately, feel and discuss them, more overview and clarity will emerge. 

This leads the client to more and better insights that lead to possible changes in action, vision or perception. 

She has replaced this 2-dimensional image with a 3-dimensional tool, the Bepper board, or the Bepper3in1. Because of the 3-dimensional implementation and working with gems that tangibly represent a person’s energy, time, motivation and so on, the intuitive works together with the heart and the brain. A total and honest image of the inner experience is clearly visible for both client and professional. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

After a lot of research and sleuthing, a lot of practising, fine-tuning and writing followed. Many people have been willing to test, give feedback and share their own problems over a Bepper Board. In this way, a versatile and extensive method has unfolded with many variations in target group and approach.

Later, for teams and families, the Team-Kit was added, which basically works according to the same method.

Liesbeth Bouwhuis

We hope for many improvements in situations that require improvement and see every day how nice it is to get to the heart of the matter quickly. In this way, frustrations do not build up and we can effectively work on what needs attention and offers opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about the method or its creator, you are welcome to contact Liesbeth.